Vinaigrette Shrimp salad

  1. 1 head romaine lettuce mix
  2. 3 Cups of Kale
  3. 2 tomatoes, cut into small cubes
  4. 2 Red peppers chopped
  5. 1 block of mozzarella cheese
  6. 1 small red onion, sliced thin
  7. 1 16oz. frozen shrimp

Vinaigrette Dressing



  1. Cook shrimp in saucepan until thawed
  2. Run shrimp over cold water, and drain well
  3. Cut lettuce mix and kale leaves into bite-sized pieces and transfer them to a large salad bowl.
  4. Add the cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper, mozzarella and onion.
  5. Sprinkle with dressing to taste
  6. Serve